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We don’t simply install lighting. We care about making Ontario’s homeowners more informed about the process and care of the electrical systems in their homes.


We're here to answer the most common questions homeowners have about what we do.

It depends on many factors! But, in just a few quick minutes, you can easily ballpark your install and know approximately how much your fixture will cost to install. Click Here for our Estimation Wizard!

For lighting installations we charge a fixed rate per fixture. This makes it easier to budget for home lighting projects or to know if that chandelier you just fell in love with fits your budget.

Indeed, they are. As Fully Licensed and Fully Insured Electrical Contractors, our rates are very competitive with industry standards. What’s more, our pricing give you a budget to work with. As you can imagine, lights come in many different shapes and sizes and each one is as unique as the next. This means that it can be difficult to know how long a fixture may take to install. Most Installers will charge by the hour, which can be stressful because your end bill is an unknown until the job is done.

Over the years, our expert team has installed thousands of fixtures. With this experience we have developed a formula that prices each fixture based on its unique characteristics allowing both our clients and our installers to know what to expect. On occasion there are issues with the existing wiring in the home and additional work is needed to ensure a safe installation. But that’s why you hired the experts 😊, who can catch these anomalies and make your home safe again.

Absolutely YES! Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) are the only businesses in Ontario legally licensed to do electrical work in your home (Not all electricians are LECs).
They are not the same. In Ontario, any business that offers or performs electrical work must be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority. The Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) employs qualified electricians and a designated master electrician, and must abide by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and other applicable laws. The Licensed Electrical Contractor must also meet other obligations related to conducting electrical work, including supervision, administration and safety requirements.
How do I tell the difference between someone who is a qualified electrician versus a Licensed Electrical Contractor?
In Ontario, by law, anyone you hire must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). General handymen and other service providers cannot do electrical work in residences, other than their own residence. Any tradesperson telling you a Licensed Electrical Contractor is not required for electrical work is a red flag. If you’re hiring a general contractor, confirm that the electrical work will be done by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. A Licensed Electrical Contractor is required to display their ECRA/ESA license number. Ask to see it.
If you are the homeowner, in some cases the answer is yes and in other cases the answer is yes, but only with a permit. It is best to check with ESA to find out more about your particular project requirements.

All electrical work is dangerous. Know what needs a permit, never work live, and remember: there’s always more to know.
30% of deaths related to electrical work in the home occur when people are renovating, installing, maintaining or doing repair work.

Visit ESA’s Do It Yourself Tips and Safety Page here.

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